VCDX Policies

Understand the rules of engagement and intricacies of achieving one or more designations, as well as upgrading to newer versions and partner program qualification.

VCDX Upgrades

Version upgrades (e.g. VCDX5 to VCDX6) require the VCDX to pass the VCAP Design exam in the specific solution track they are certified in. For example, a VCDX5-DCV candidate will need to pass the VCAP6-DCV Design exam to receive the VCDX6-DCV credential.

Partner Program Qualification

For partner authorizations requiring VMware certifications, a current VCDX will count towards any lower-level certification requirements, regardless of whether the lower-level certification has expired. See your specific Partner Authorization rules for more details.

Maximum Number of Design Submissions

A VCDX candidate is only allowed to submit the same design up to three (3) times. If the design is not accepted for defense after the third (3rd) time a whole new design must be submitted.

Resubmission after an Unsuccessful Defense

Any design that has passed the application stage will be considered an accepted design for defense, or re-defense. Based on this, a VCDX candidate who has not successfully passed a defense can re-apply using the exact same design, and they are automatically accepted to the defense stage.

Minor changes made to address panelist feedback from the initial defense are expected and should be documented in a change log, and/or in the next defense presentation slide deck.

However, if significant changes are made to the design, the VCDX candidate will be required to submit a full change log showing all changes made and the design may be reviewed again as a first submission. Note that changes may open up the possibility of not successfully passing the application and design stage.

Maximum Number of Re-Defenses

If a VCDX candidate has been accepted to defend but is not successful at the defense stage three (3) times using the same design, they must then create an entirely new design and resubmit it.

Shared Design Submission

We understand that designs may be done as a team effort and team members may wish to submit the same design. This is acceptable; however, when submitting a shared design, all candidates involved who are aiming for the VCDX level certification must submit the design at the same time. Each candidate may select a different defense (up to two sessions later), but the design must be submitted, reviewed, and passed at the same time. Each candidate must also apply for the same solution track.

If the same design is submitted at a later time by a different candidate, even if the candidate was listed on the original design, it may be refused and the candidate can be asked to submit a new design.

A maximum of three (3) candidates can work on a single design. This ensures that each candidate has worked on and understands the design well enough to defend every piece of it.

Second, Third, or Fourth VCDX

Any current VCDX can submit a design to earn a VCDX in a different solution track. The design will go through the same review process as before to validate that all the pre-requisites are met. If the design is accepted, then the candidate will be scheduled for a defense. The defense will consist of a 1-hour remote session with VCDX panelists, conducted remotely using telephone and remote video (typically WebEx).

It is recommended that the candidate prepare a 5-10 minute presentation focusing on the elements specific to the track the candidate is attempting to earn the VCDX in.

Note that a VCDX-NV who is applying for VCDX-DCV, VCDX-Cloud, or VCDX-DT will be required to re-defend (in the full defense process) if the design was built on NSX-MH, to show the mastery of the vSphere infrastructure that these other solution tracks require. If the design was built on NSX-V they will defend in the 1-hour remote session.

VCDX Emeritus

An Emeritus status will be given to VCDX’s whose VCDX version is more than two (2) versions old. For example, assuming that VCDX6 is the current version, anyone holding a VCDX older than VCDX4 will be granted an Emeritus status and shown as such in the directory.

Any VCDX with the Emeritus status can always become current simply by upgrading to the current version following the VCDX Upgrade Policy. Once their version is upgraded they will no longer be considered Emeritus.

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel or defer your VCDX defense at least two weeks prior to the defense week. Cancelling or deferring the defense LESS than two weeks before the defense week will forfeit your defense fees. Defense fees are non-refundable for no-shows.

Maximum Number of defense deferring

A VCDX candidate is only allowed to defer the defense panel to next defense cycle up to one (1) time. If the defense panel is not completed on the next defense cycle, candidate will be required to submit the application again and the design will be reviewed as a first submission (Application Fee of $995 USD will be collected). Note that any major changes to the design may open up the possibility of not successfully passing the application and design stage.

VCDX Procedures 

Learn the steps you need to take to ensure success on your way to achieving your VCDX designation.

VCDX Application and Defense Process:

  1. Check the VCDX Defense Dates. Plan to complete your pre-requisites accordingly.
  2. Review the Candidate process flowchart.
  3. Download the VCDX Handbook and Application for the track you are interested in.
  4. Submit your completed application package at
  5. Candidate will receive confirmation of complete application submission and application fee payment link.
  6. When payment is confirmed, accepted applications are advanced to the Technical Review phase.
  7. Applications undergo a rigorous Technical Review by VCDX Panelists.
  8. Candidate will receive results of Technical Review:
    • Accepted applicants receive an invitation to defend.
    • Rejected applicants receive a customized report of application deficits.
  9. Accepted applicants must confirm date and time of defense. Candidate will also receive payment instructions for the defense panel fee.

VCDX Preparation Guidance:

  1. Review the Candidate Tips
  2. Find and work with a mentor from this VCDX Directory
  3. VCDX Workshops

    The VCDX Workshop is offered in two distinct forms: in person and online via WebEx. Each one is a complete and engaging deep dive into the VCDX Process providing tips and success strategies for: solution design selection and development; the VCDX application and supporting documentation; creation and delivery of the design overview; the VCDX design scenario; the VCDX troubleshooting scenario; time management strategies, and questions candidates can expect to field during their Design Defense.


    What makes the two differ is that where the in person workshop is 4 hours long with interactive audience participation throughout, interaction in the online version is limited to the WebEx chat window. We use the same content for both, but since there is less audience participation the online version is shorter (2 hours). We plan to offer the online sessions quarterly during times that work for both APAC as well as US and EMEA, and they will be recorded. These sessions do not build on each other, each replay is the same content as the previous so you need only attend one or two as a refresher.

  4. VCDX Sample Designs:

    Note: These designs do not necessarily include all components needed for the VCDX Application package, nor are they intended to be used as a template for a candidate's submissions. A prospective candidate should not use anything directly from these samples in your final design package. These are intended solely to provide examples to help you with your own customized design package, and you should always refer to the appropriate VCDX Blueprint for your application to ensure you include everything necessary.